A downloadable game for Windows

In clarinet hero, you are an aspiring young musician who must work his way up to the top in order to play at the master level. 

Keys asdfjkl; (the home keys) can be hit in time with the music and the falling notes to play the song. The more accurate your hits, the more points and approval you will gain.

It is mostly playable apart from various bugs. Development currently is in further polish and additional quality of life features.

In the options menu, frame delay is used to adjust the offset between the music and the falling notes. If the sound does not work, please double check that you have sound turned on in the options menu.

Install instructions

Download the .rar file and extract it into its own folder. Then run the executable called "Clarinet Hero".


V0.27.rar 83 MB
V0.261.rar 83 MB


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I love this game, it's super hard sometimes though xD